Consulting - Your business has questions, we have answers

Outside of practical penetration tests, 0meta Security offers generalized security consulting. If you’re a startup wanting to know how to best secure your infrastructure, or an established business that is growing and unsure what the best way forward is, we can get your answers. We’ve helped operations, system administrators, human resources and others craft good policy and plan for emergency security events. We can also research compliance issues and make recommendations for your specific circumstances.

Further, 0meta’s team members come from a diverse background of infrastructure, virtualization, storage and server administration. Since we’re familiar with how modern business networks are put together, we understand the challenges and risks you face. Avoid common pitfalls and integrate new techniques for improving security posture at the user, domain, and organizational levels. Modern risks require a “defense in depth” approach to keep the bar for attackers as high as possible, so let us help you raise the bar.

0meta Staff