A New Place and Catching Up

It's been awhile

23 September 2016

Hello Internet, how’s it going?

We’ve been pretty quiet over here lately. Weird and interesting projects have kept us busy. Here’s a new post just to show we’re alive!

New Site

So, the old site was a mashup of two different Hugo themes, because I couldn’t ever find one theme that did everything I wanted. I got tired of it and so I hunted around and found this new setup. After patching the bejesus out of it, I’m pretty happy with the final result.

My favorite new feature is that the markdown engine actually works correctly! Hugo uses some not-as-effective library for markdown rendering and it broke on all sorts of strange things. Like lists. And inline code blocks. And nested lists.

It left something to be desired.

Anyhow, please pardon any dust you might find. If you used the RSS feature of the old site, you’ll probably have to update those links. I tried to keep the actual blog articles in the same relative paths where possible.


The OSCP series has consistently been the largest traffic generator on the site, and I wanted to update a couple of things about it here.

The first order of business is a shout-out and belated congratulations to Jan Wikholm for passing his OSCP exam. I originally linked to his experience in my own retelling of the PWK/OSCP trial, and at the time he had failed his first exam attempt. That didn’t stop him though, and after a nice break he charged in and blew that test out of the water! So props to him, and anyone else who keeps at it and doesn’t let a setback keep them down.

I also wanted to point out in particular his new series on Reverse Engineering. If you enjoyed his previous content about the OSCP, you should pay attention here as well.

For those still in the labs, if you haven’t read the article/walkthrough of “Alpha” that OffSec posted in the forums, you should definitely read it. I harp on how process gets you root in my writings, and seeing a logical set of steps of a host breach completely from the things you enumerate is very valuable!

Finally, some of the technical particulars of my OSCP series are no longer accurate as the labs and course change and evolve. If you notice any disparities please just understand that they were written at an earlier point, and anything weird is on my end.


The Information Warfare Summit is being held here in Oklahoma on 8th October, which I and a few others from the Irregulars will be attending. Not sure what to expect as its my first time going to this particular conference, but I’ll be writing about anything interesting here. At the very least I expect a more practical examination of topics over the content from the OSU conference earlier this year.

Short-form articles

My plan is to post a short series of how-tos and short topics over the coming weeks and months. The first will probably be about using git as a workflow tool during an engagement, and showing off how awesome Gitlab is.

That’s all for today though! My time over the next few days is going to be tied up in reading FAA requirements for “electronic records keeping” systems. If I read anything hilarious, I’ll be sure to write about it.

0meta Staff